A paper bag closed at both ends and featuring a valve/sleeve designed for high-speed filling. Customized to allow for optimal filling performance, handling, paletization, and storage. It is one of the most commonly used packaging solutions due to its strength, design flexibility, and wide variety of uses, It is optimal for loose materials ranging from powder to larger granular products.

Pasted Open Mouth Bag POM

Capacity 1 to 110 lbs
Width 11 inch - 29 inch
Length 11 3/4 inch - 55 inch
Bottom 3 1/2 inch - 8 1/2 inch
  • White or brown kraft paper
  • 1 - 6 layers of paper (each with weight of 50 -130 gsm)
  • Various paper substrates and designs such as semi-extensible, high porosity, PE Laminated, glossy, matte, natural, bleached
  • Agricultural products (animal feed, seeds, grain, bran, etc.)
  • Dry Food Items (flour, sugar, rice, spices, salt, mixes, powdered milk, protein powder, etc.)
  • Chemical and Agrochemical (resins, powdered additives, pigments, rubber, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Print of 10 colours
  • ANTI-SLIP surface
  • Optional handle on the bottom
  • LDPE removable lining in contact with the product
  • HDPE removable lining between layers or in contact with the product
  • Option of a sewn bottom
  • Option of an under-lined bottom
  • Airtight seal or venting options (bag in bag)