A paper bag closed at both ends and featuring a valve/sleeve designed for high-speed filling. Customized to allow for optimal filling performance, handling, paletization, and storage. It is one of the most commonly used packaging solutions due to its strength, design flexibility, and wide variety of uses, It is optimal for loose materials ranging from powder to larger granular products.

Rolling Stock

Width 2 inch - 47 inch
Reel diameter 6 inch - 51 inch
  • White or brown kraft paper
  • 1 - 6 layers of various materials such as paper (gloss, matte), specialty laminations (PE, ALU, WAX, HOT melt, HDPE), and protective laquers
  • Fresh Food Wraps in Delis, Butcher Shops, Bakeries, Fresh Markets (meat, seafood, fruits, etc.)
  • Industrial settings (bearings, components, etc.)
  • Shipping fillers
  • Semi-finished product (bag is folded at a filling plant)
  • Flower Shop Wraps
  • Gift Wraps
  • Flexographic - high-resolution printing with up to 8 colours. We can also apply flexo varnish.
  • Offset - printing in up to 6 colours. We use EB (Electro Beam) inks and roto (gravure) inks.