A paper bag closed at both ends and featuring a valve/sleeve designed for high-speed filling. Customized to allow for optimal filling performance, handling, paletization, and storage. It is one of the most commonly used packaging solutions due to its strength, design flexibility, and wide variety of uses, It is optimal for loose materials ranging from powder to larger granular products.

Self Opening Square Bag  SOS | PSOS

Capacity 1 to 50 lbs
Width 2 inch - 21 1/4 inch
Length 4 inch - 26 inch
Bottom 1 inch - 8 1/2 inch
  • White or brown kraft paper
  • 1 or 2 layers of paper (each with weight of 50 -130 gsm)
  • Various paper substrates and designs
  • Dry Food Items (flour, sugar, rice, spices, salt, baking mixes, etc.
  • Fast Food Items (donuts, popcorn, bakery, snacks, etc.)
  • Confections (bonbons, sweets, candies, etc.)
  • Pet Food (dog & cat, bird seed)
  • Home Goods & Hardware (charcoal, nails, screws, bolts, wood shavings, etc.)
  • Option of a one-inch undercut
  • Transparent PP window for product view
  • Printable flat bottom delivers additional billboard and flexibility for on-shelf presentation
  • Film and barrier laminations for grease and moisture control
  • Roll and glue closures
  • Tin tie for reclosing
  • Flexo-printed graphics for photographic images
  • Offset print for superior graphics
  • Rotogravure print
  • Metallic Inks
  • Matte Lacquer, UV Lacquer, Water based lacquer