A paper bag closed at both ends and featuring a valve/sleeve designed for high-speed filling. Customized to allow for optimal filling performance, handling, paletization, and storage. It is one of the most commonly used packaging solutions due to its strength, design flexibility, and wide variety of uses, It is optimal for loose materials ranging from powder to larger granular products.

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth Bag  PBOM | PINCH BAG

Capacity 1 to 60 lbs
Width 9 inch - 23 1/2 inch
Length 17 1/4 inch - 50 inch
Bottom 1 inch - 4 1/4 inch
  • Barrier laminated paper (ex. paper + PE + ALU + PE)
  • 1 - 4 layers of paper (each 70-12 gsm)
  • Agriculture / Lawn&garden (feed and nutrition, fertilizers, pesticides & herbisides, seed, etc.)
  • Chemical / agrochemical (minerals, resins, clay, additives, etc.)
  • Dry Food items (flour for hotel and restaurants, baking mixes, salt, sugar, rice, spices, etc.)
  • Pet products (pet food, bird seed, pet litter, etc.)
  • Print with up to 10 flexo colors
  • Folded and sealed bottom enabling full contamination prevention
  • Top closure option with Heat Seal by reactivating pre-applied hot melt
  • Hot glue tape or heat sealable feature available
  • Tapered bottom for stability, palletization, and retail shelf marketability
  • Film lamination for grease, oil and moisture control
  • Venting & removeable liner for clean room environment